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Bob McAtee work as a sports massage therapist, educator, published author, and inventor. Since 1988, He has maintained an active, international sports massage practice in Colorado Springs, where he specializes in sports massage, soft tissue therapy, facilitated stretching techniques, and kinesiotaping.

Promoting Health and Fitness through Massage, Stretching, and Education

August 2023: In addition to my LIVE Courses (see workshop page), I have recently collaborated with the Niel Asher Group (NAT Global) to produce a couple of courses.

They have released my online course: “Sports Massage Master Course – Lower Limb.” The course is based on my book, Sports Massage for Injury Care, published by Human Kinetics. CE Approval is pending and will be retroactive for those who take the course now. For more info, click the link:

November 2019: I recently joined the Amazon Affiliate program. Here are some shortcuts to ordering my books directly from Amazon ( I may receive a small commission when you use these links).  Thanks.

Sports Massage for Injury Care (print book):

Sports Massage for Injury Care (Kindle edition):

Facilitated Stretching 4th ed.:

October 15, 2019: I added several Facilitated Stretching videos to my YouTube Channel . You can also view them embedded here at the bottom of Brief Tutorial for Facilitated Stretching

March 19, 2019: After two years of writing, editing, more writing and still more editing, I’m thrilled to announce the release by Human Kinetics of my book, Sports Massage for Injury Care.

You can order my new book and/or my classic, Facilitated Stretching directly from Human Kinetics. Follow this link: McAtee Books on Human Kinetics to access my products page at Human  Kinetics, make your selections.

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October 1, 2018: I’ve added some 2019 NCB-Approved seminars including dates in Iowa, Portland, and Denver: click here for workshops page.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Haley Winter for his podcast “Hows the Pressure.” Our 53-minute conversation about my 38-year career as a massage therapist, educator, and author covered a lot of ground. I invite you to have a listen here: How’s the Pressure


Available Now: An online CE course to accompany the Facilitated Stretching text.


This continuing education course includes a text, online video, recorded webinar, study guide, and exam that allows professionals to help clients and athletes enhance performance through PNF stretching techniques.


The 4th edition of Facilitated Stretching features a full-color interior, streamlined organization, and a new online video package. With the inclusion of stretching examples to use in the gym, workout room, and home, we’ve brought PNF stretching beyond the treatment room. Click this link to go to the Human Kinetics website for more information:

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