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Meet Our Team

Heidi Zambrano


Introducing Heidi Zambrano, our dedicated Program Director and faculty member at Urban River Massage Institute. In 2011, Heidi received a Massage Therapy Diploma from Cortiva Institute in Chicago, IL, and embarked on her journey into holistic wellness. She has been teaching since 2018, combining her passion for learning with her commitment to the healing power of touch.


Heidi's dedication to her craft is exemplified by her 2011 Illinois licensure and current licensure in South Carolina, along with her National Board Certification. Her objective is to provide the best possible therapy to her clients and educate them about the benefits of bodywork.


Heidi's diverse career spans various settings, from medical and spa to franchise and her private practice. She has even volunteered her massage services at events like the Chicago Marathon, 5k runs, long-term care facilities, and retirement homes.


Heidi's commitment to education is also evident in her role as a volunteer student tutor at Cortiva Institute, which ultimately led her to accept a position as an employee tutor. Her educational journey includes an A.S. degree from Joliet Junior College in 2016 and a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Governors State University in 2018, reflecting her multidisciplinary approach to wellness.


From 2020 to 2023, Heidi was the Academic Program Director, Massage Instructor, and BLS CPR Instructor at Greenville Technical College. Her wealth of experience and certifications align perfectly with our mission of promoting wellness through the power of touch. Heidi is an instructor and a dedicated advocate for holistic well-being and excellence in massage therapy.


Introducing Jennifer Desrosiers, a vital full-time Instructor at Urban River Massage Institute. Jennifer's journey into holistic wellness has been remarkable, characterized by her dedication to the healing power of touch.

Jennifer's career has seen her working in many environments, each contributing to her extensive expertise. She has provided her services as an independent contractor in spa settings, ensuring a personalized experience for her clients. Her time collaborating with chiropractors and within the retail sector, including Massage Envy and Massage Luxe, further honed her skills. However, her experience in a hospital environment as a hospice massage therapist truly resonated with her. Hospice work holds a special place in Jennifer's heart, and it was in this compassionate setting that she felt her work had the most profound impact.

Jennifer's approach to massage therapy is distinct. She firmly believes that the touch aspect of massage is the most crucial element. While some therapists focus on addressing specific muscle issues, Jennifer is more concerned with the overall effect of massage on the body and nervous system. Her holistic approach underscores her commitment to the well-being of her clients, emphasizing the body's capabilities to heal and restore itself.

Jennifer's previous licensure in Illinois attests to her competence and adherence to the highest standards of care.


Now, as a full-time Instructor at Urban River Massage Institute, Jennifer shares her wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience with our students. Her contributions enrich our school's commitment to promoting wellness and excellence in massage therapy. Jennifer's versatile skill set, honed through her journey from a scientific foundation to the realm of massage therapy, makes her an invaluable asset to our team.

Jennifer's story is about passion, versatility, and unwavering dedication to helping others. She embodies our commitment to holistic wellness and is not just an instructor but also a compassionate and dedicated professional who plays a crucial role in our mission to provide top-notch services and education to our clients and community. Jennifer Desrosiers is a name synonymous with expertise and care in the world of massage therapy.

Jennifer Desrosiers


Colleen Ballard is our esteemed Office Manager at Urban River Massage Institute, bringing a unique blend of expertise to our institution. Her combined background in finance, dedication to the healing art of massage therapy, her diverse experiences, and her unwavering passion for helping others make her a valuable team member.

Colleen embarked on her journey by earning a degree in Accounting from Colorado State University, where she developed a keen aptitude for budgeting and financial analytics. Before her career in massage therapy, she demonstrated her leadership and organizational skills by managing a branch of a Credit Union for five years.


In 2014, Colleen followed her heart's calling and obtained her license as a Massage Therapist from the Muscle Therapy Center of Hobbs in Hobbs, New Mexico. Since then, she has dedicated herself to massage, working full- or part-time. She has helped countless individuals alleviate physical discomfort, reduce stress, and enhance their well-being.


Her passion for positively impacting people's lives was evident from her college years, during which she served as a certified nurse's aide for four years. This background in healthcare has deepened her understanding of individuals' emotional and physical needs, further enhancing her ability to provide exceptional care through massage.


Colleen Ballard is a true asset to our team, and her dedication to both financial excellence and the well-being of our community aligns perfectly with our mission at Urban River Massage Institute.


Meet Don Taylor, the visionary founder of Urban River Massage Institute. Don is a man of many talents and a lifelong learner whose journey has taken him through diverse landscapes ranging from education to engineering.

Don's educational journey began at the University of Arizona, where he pursued a B.A. in General Studies Pre-Med in 1985. This early phase of his academic career ignited his passion for learning and sparked a curiosity that would define his future path.

In 1992, Don earned his B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff. His dedication to the field was undeniable, and he was just getting started. Eager to expand his knowledge and expertise, he continued his educational pursuits by obtaining a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 1995.

However, Don's thirst for knowledge was not confined to engineering. In 2005, he achieved a significant milestone in his academic journey by earning an MBA from Santa Clara University, demonstrating his versatile skill set and ability to bridge the gap between technical expertise and business acumen.

Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Advanced Educational Leadership at Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, Don’s pursuit of higher education speaks volumes about his commitment to personal growth and his dedication to shaping the future of the massage therapy industry.

Don Taylor is more than just an owner; he's a dynamic leader with a multidisciplinary background that combines technical proficiency, business savvy, and a passion for education. His unwavering commitment to excellence and thirst for knowledge drive Urban River Massage Institute’s mission to innovate and excel in everything we do. Don is not just a leader; he's a visionary who propels us to a brighter future.

Don Taylor
Caroline Taylor


Caroline Taylor, the Co-Founder of Urban River Massage Institute, brings a diverse background to her role. After graduating from Clemson University in 1987 with a B.S. in Education, she embarked on a five-year teaching career before venturing into the wellness world. 2007, Caroline opened the first of her three spas, quickly expanding her footprint in 2008 and again in 2016.

Beyond her entrepreneurial pursuits, Caroline is deeply committed to community service. She has generously devoted her time to organizations such as the Junior League, Junior Achievement, the Arthritis Foundation, and the Alzheimer's Association. Her board roles in the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity and the Junior League and her contributions as a PTSA Board member and Sports Booster Club Chair highlight her dedication to shaping and enlightening future generations.


Caroline's exceptional dedication to community service was recognized with the Junior Achievement Volunteer of the Year Award in 2006. Her outstanding franchise work earned her the Franchisee of the Year Award in 2018. Caroline Taylor's multifaceted career path showcases her personal and communal growth commitment.


Caroline is excited to help lead a community that is committed to the world of wellness and community engagement. Her passion for the massage therapy career path and its ability to connect individuals who may have never crossed paths is at the heart and soul of her work at Urban River Massage Institute.

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